Machine Tool Scraping Services

The normal wear and tear of production gradually causes a decrease of accuracy and performance of your machine tools. If you notice that your machine beginning to show signs of wear, KRC can disassemble it, scrape all of the bearing surfaces, and restore your ability to cut good parts.This is not a statement to be taken lightly. Finding someone in a shop who can perform machine tool slide repair and scrape critical surfaces has become next to impossible. In fact, hand scraping went the way of metalworking apprenticeship programs, where hand scraping was always the introductory handshake between future craftsmen and the metal of their craft.

Yet, at KRC, we still place a high value on what others might consider arcane. KRC can repair or replace most wear materials. If the job calls for Turcite, Rulon, or Moglice replacement, KRC can handle the repair. Our scrapers can restore machine tool geometry and center height back to the original OEM specification onsite at your facility.

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