CNC Retrofit

A CNC retrofit involves replacing the CNC control, servo and spindle motors, drives, electrical components along with the existing wiring on a machine. KRC can conduct a CNC retrofit on any mechanically sound machine with outdated controls.
What are the benefits of a CNC retrofit with KRC Machine?

  • Economic alternative to buying a new machine
  • Today’s controls are more forgiving of symptoms of mechanical error and with the right CNC control, you can electronically compensate for these errors in a worn machine.
  • Retrofits can be done at the machine site taking out the need for rigging and transportation cost
  • Faster part program cycle times due to more powerful CNC control processors
  • Better part finishes through new control options like tool tip programming
  • The amount of time the machine is out of commission is drastically less than the delivery for a new machine

KRC has made a commitment to dedicate our time to the 2 best controls on the market today giving us expertise on Fanuc & Siemens controls. KRC has met the requirements to provide certified retrofitting to Fanuc & Siemens controls, and proud to announce we are a Siemens Solution Partner & Fanuc Authorized CNC System Integrator.

What is the KRC process for CNC retrofits?

  1. KRC performs an onsite engineering trip to gather data on the machine to prepare for the retrofit and begin the software development
  2. The control kit and new electrical cabinet are built at KRC and then shipped to the customer
  3. Once KRC gets onsite to begin the actual integration, old wires are pulled and replaced with brand new along with the old control and motors. The new control system is integrated and tested
  4. Final machine alignments and laser calibration are performed
  5. Finally- KRC provides training on the new control and presents new documentation including
    • Machine Operator Manual
    • Electrical Connection Drawings
    • PMC Ladder Logic Diagram
    • Fanuc control, servo/spindle, I/O manuals

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