Custom Machine Tool

Design & Build Machine Tool If your company is wrestling to resolve certain process application problems, designing a custom machine tool may be your best solution.

There are times when you may want to dramatically expand the functionality of your existing machine, or you may require a machine to accomplish a specific task that cannot be performed by an existing piece of equipment.

KRC will study your application and specifications to provide a formal quote.  This will include steps to address your unique issues, specifications, a rough design plan, and projected engineering and manufacturing investment requirements.

Below are three case histories of completed custom machine tool design projects that  illustrate KRC’s production flexibility and design skill of our staff.

Mini Case Histories:

Problem #1:
Machine Tool Case StudyA Big 3 automaker required a dedicated machine tool that could turn the O.D. of a single transmission part. The machine had to perform the operation at the rate of 198 parts/hr, with minimal manual intervention, and interface with existing input and output material handling systems.

The KRC Solution:
KRC remanufactured a twin spindle Ex-Cell-O lathe and integrated a KRC custom designed material handling system that interfaces in-house parts delivery systems and the remanufactured machine’s dual internal chucks.


Problem #2:
An aero engine manufacturer wanted a machine to remove large amounts of high temperature material (Inconel) from a large solid disk to create complex airfoil shapes into an integrated form called a blisk.

The KRC Solution:
KRC partnered with this manufacturer to design and build a new machine around their process and finish the project with a machine design that allows them to run twice as fast as the previous process and five times faster than conventional rough milling.


Problem #3:
Another aero engine manufacturer was searching for a multi-axis machine that could be specifically used to machine large composite components efficiently while being able to manage dust and chip evacuation without risking damage or reduced accuracy to the machine.

The KRC Solution:
KRC custom designed a machine from the ground up that handled all of those challenges and more. This innovative design allowed for the part to be processed in one setup with significant reduction of work in process while achieving the manufacturer’s capability requirements.


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