Machine Tool Scraping for Preventative Maintenance

Machine Tool Scraping for Preventative Maintenance

Machine Tool Scraping

Machine tool scraping is somewhat of a “lost art” nowadays.  Finding a skilled individual in a machine shop who can scrape critical surfaces has become quite challenging. Yet, KRC understands the importance of having people on staff who are skilled in the art of hand scraping in order to offer a high level of machining accuracy to our customers.

Unfortunately, decreases in productivity and quality naturally occur as your machine tool wears.  Hand scraping the ways restores accuracy, increasing the longevity of your equipment.  If your machine is beginning to show signs of wear, KRC can disassemble it, scrape all of the bearing surfaces and restore your ability to cut good parts.

At KRC, our scrapers can reinstate machine tool center height and geometry back to original OEM specification onsite at your facility.

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