Machine Tool Preventive Maintenance – Chip Removal

Chip removal is an essential component to a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. The advantages of pulling back the way covers at least once a year to clean out the chips are numerous. Chip buildup can destroy your CNC machine tool’s ways, way wipers, linear guides, and ballscrews. What might take a few hours of downtime and replacing $20 way wipers can potentially save your company several days of downtime and thousands of dollars if the turcite needs to be replaced.

Aside from minimizing wear and eliminating nearly all emergency breakdowns, KRC’s PM program provides a permanent record of the machine maintenance history and its current condition. So don’t overlook a strong preventative maintenance program for your production machine tools!

Give us a call today and we’ll help you customize a PM program that will best fit your needs and keep your machines up and running.

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