Laser Calibration for Machine Tool Accuracy

Accuracy and repeatability are vitally important to your machine tool applications. Using Renishaw laser equipment and the linear error compensation features of your CNC control, KRC can optimize your machine’s potential and provide you with the documentation needed for your machine certification requirements.

KRC has invested in top of the line laser and leveling equipment so that we can give you the results you need.  Our inventory includes…

  • Renishaw Ml-10 Laser and Renishaw XL-80 Laser: Linear Axis Positioning
  • Renishaw Rotary Calibration Unit
  • Hamar Precision Laser: Machine Geometry
  • Renishaw BallBar with Diagnostic Software

Along with the laser calibration equipment, we will use precision levels, granite squares, and straight edges to make the corrections required to hold tolerances.

KRC’s technicians have experience with a wide variety of machine makes and models. Therefore, we can align and calibrate all of your machine tools and give you the complete results.

Our goal at KRC is to be your full service machine tool solution provider.  Contact us today to discuss how our calibration and preventive maintenance services can help your company.   859-283-8300

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