KRC’s President Works on Machine Tools

KRC’s President Works on Machine Tools

Don’t worry, Scott Ashworth, KRC’s President isn’t donning coveralls to work on a custom machine tool build. Although with his degree in Industrial Electronics and many years of experience retrofitting CNC machines, Scott certainly knows his way around a machine tool.  He’s not getting his hands dirty out in the shop, however Scott is literally working ON machine tool parts every day via his custom desk.

Scott Ashworth Machine Tool Desk

The seed was planted years ago for a desk build of machine tool parts.  Scott got the idea from a television show that was themed around furniture made from industrial materials.  One episode featured an airline executive’s desk made from an actual airplane wing and another one repurposed old ship parts into office furniture.

Desk Top Custom Machine Tool

When Scott’s office was recently in need of an upgrade, he knew it was time to make his vision a reality – build the perfect workstation made of machine tool parts.  Constructed by KRC employees, the desk itself is made from scrapped machine tool parts that were taking up space on the shop floor shelves.  KRC’s vendors even had a hand in the creation of desk.  THK donated the rails and linear guides from their spare parts stock.  KRC commissioned the special glass tops for the desk, which showcase fiber optic cards and gears, from Jack’s Glass.  Barnes ballscrews became the desk’s legs.

Desk Legs Ballscrews

The three-part, U-shaped desk is unique from every angle.  One side is supported by AC spindle motors with Warner Swazey lathe gears.  Another side has Craftsman toolboxes with 3-D printed leveling pads to support the glass on the credenza.

Tool Box Credenza

Of course no office is complete without a few accent tables with transmission shafts for legs.  Wire ways frame the monitor over Scott’s desk as a finishing touch.  Rumor has it that KRC’s lead mechanic is planning one final addition to the President’s office – a machine tool floor lamp.  A configuration of wrenches will make up the lamp’s base with a ball screw for the upright pole, topped with a KRC-logoed lampshade.  We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Side Table Transmission Shaft

At KRC Machine Tool Services, we eat, sleep, and breathe all things machine tool.  Want to see Scott’s desk for yourself?  Give Jim Luzak, our Vice President of Sales & Marketing a call to set up a tour of the KRC facility today! 859-283-8300