CNC Preventative Maintenance – Lubrication Systems

A robust preventive maintenance program will drastically reduce emergency breakdowns for your CNC machine tools and have a positive impact on your production goals.


With KRC’s PM program, our skilled service technician will change and inspect the oils in your machine as well as clean or change your inline filters. For example, if your machine’s way appears dry, KRC’s technician will trace the oil line back and ensure there is not a blockage. Proper lubrication is like the lifeblood of your machine tool, ensuring smooth operation and performance. One thing to remember when it comes to the lubrication system: “Oil is cheaper than metal.”

But not any lubrication will do… Cooking oil and WD40 don’t belong anywhere near your machine tool! Contamination in your lubrication system could cause premature failure in many components of the machine, causing large amounts of downtime. KRC technicians will ensure that your machine receives the type of lubrication recommended by the OEM.

KRC is committed to excellence in preventative maintenance, and we want to build long-term partnerships with you, our customers, to prolong the life of your production machines. Give us a call today and let KRC be your experts in machine tool solutions.

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